Best futon mattress – Understand the degree of softness

The best futon mattress is stated to be quite similar to that of the regular bed mattress. If you are planning to buy one for your home, then you need to know how firm the mattress is to be. With some research, you can get to know the different firmness degree present in the mattress and select the right brand type to fit your needs.

  • Soft mattresses: Such types could be categorized into ultra-soft or soft mattresses. The ultra-soft type is created with several layers to help your body to cushion well. Such mattresses usually come with 6” foam core, having numerous foam layers to create that ultra-soft feeling. Not much cushion is present in soft futon types, but still are considered to be soft having plenty of soft foam and layers. By sitting on them, you are sure to sink lower and enjoy sleeping and relaxing on it. There are several brands that have come out with such type of mattresses.
  • Medium mattresses: Medium softness is the next category to be looked into. It ranges from firmer side to that of the softer side. Medium soft types come with extra foam just like that of the soft mattresses. However, they have more of polyester in them, so as to make it somewhat firmer when compared to the soft types. Medium is the next type that is known to have several foam layers in them. At the top layer, has been provided a polyester layer to make it appear more firm. It means effectively that the mattress will not sink much if anyone sits on it. However, it still will retain that bouncy effect while lying down. More support is provided by it, however, the mattresses is noticed not to be that firm. The last in this category includes the medium firm types. Such mattresses are provided with inner spring, which is quite similar to that of the regular bed mattress, which allows it to become more firm. Usually, the coils are enclosed by foam, thus making it quite comfortable and firm. As these mattresses does not come with springs, its inner core is found to be much thicker, thus making it more firm and less plush. Such medium firm mattresses usually are recommended by physicians, since they are firm and can provide the usurers with much better back support. At the same time, it is also soft for the body and provides the much needed relaxation.
  • Firm mattresses: Usually, then fall into three general categories, which are ultra firm, extra firm and firm. The last type tends to have little foam. They are made from only cotton and hence offer that firm feeling. The types having foam making use of dense foam to make the mattress somewhat less soft. Such types are considered to be just perfect for those who prefer to sleep on a firm mattress and require additional support. The extra firm types are creating using dense foam layers right from the top to its bottom. While the ultra firm type are regarded to be created for those people, who prefer to use it on the ground to sleep. Such mattresses are generally not recommended to be used on the futon frame, however, is built for the platform bed. They are designed for those people eager to get that firm Japanese traditional futon mattress feeling. It is the foam’s high density, which makes the mattress to seem hard and heavy to be moved around.

Selecting the best futon mattress and the right type is very much important, so as to relax and get good night sleep.