Select your choice of futon mattress

Several factors are to be taken into consideration when trying to buy the best futon mattress for your home. For instance, its weight is likely to determine the reconfiguring ease of futon soft getting converted into a bed. The other aspect is its rigidity, which will govern how it folds over the frame it is used as chair or couch. It will be useful to find out more about the rigidity rating before actually buying one. An 8” – 9” thick mattress can be stated to be quite idea for regular usage.

Requires proper care

Such type of mattresses does require plenty of care when compared to the conventional types. They are to be turned each time, the sheets get changed. Also, they are to be frequently aired out for avoiding quick wearing. The mattress pads are to be used to protect the mattress from acquiring dust and moisture. Scrubbing, washing and vacuuming them and using the best quality laundry detergent with clear water can help the futon mattress to stay in good condition and shape for a long time and be enjoyed as new.

Some mattresses that are readily available in the market and can be considered for shopping:

  • Simmons Mattress: It is considered to be among the best and the largest manufacturers of futon, offering futon frames, mattress, chairs, queen sizes and loveseat. Their mattress product have traditional pocketed type of coil system, layered foam and cotton construction.

The Best Rest Genteel type is considered to be no flip construction that does not require turning. It has been designed to bear constant unfolding and folding, has individual pockets having steel coils to allow folding and bending of the unit with ease, thereby creating resilient sleep surface. Also it features pocketed coil innerspring that is topped with convoluted cotton and foam.

The Simmons Deep Sleep Elegance mattress is regarded to be a popular one in this series. This mattress features plush convoluted foam in two layers, half inch foam in four layers and custom cotton poly blend in two layers. It  can be just the perfect pick for seating purpose, as claimed by its manufacturer.

  • Elite CR Comfy Premier 3000 Jr. Twin Ottoman Futon Mattress: This branded mattress is designed with specially blended cotton in four layers and for extra resilience is provided triple Foam core. Also, it is precision tufted for keeping the contents of the mattress from shifting. It also has been provided with fiber content of cotton, foam, polyester and polycotton blend. Also has been designed Comfy Foam 1000 that features specially blended cotton and resilient foam core in two layers. It is also precision tufted and has similar fiber content.
  • Gemini Futon frame cushioning system: This branded mattress features pressurized construction as well as a twill fabric for holding tuft within the mattress. It also has been provided with convoluted foam of 4 pound density, tape edge closure for providing that clean custom look and for compress, control and strengthen overstuffed cushioning materials, a compression lace tufting.
  • Wolf futon latex plush: It has been constructed using Dura-Ease cotton of 3 batts, Polyester of 2 batts, 1 inch synthetic latex foam in two layers, 2 ½” plush in two layers, for plush using convoluted finger foam and tufts that are 23 machine laced. This brand is regarded to be among the moist plush and softest mattress available in the market.

You can check out for more brands of futon based products on the web. You can rely upon ecommerce sites like Amazon to get to know the features, details and to make a well informed purchase.