Know the different uses of futon mattress

These days, the demand for futon mattress has been increasing in popularity across the globe. The reason is because, such type  of mattress is not only used to be placed on the futons, but also can be used in various interesting ways to provide more relaxation to the users.

There are many who find themselves having empty mattresses and broken futon frame. If you are one of them and confused what is to be done with the same, to retain it or throw it away, then you can find out below, how it can prove to be useful and can be used in many ways.

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How can the old futon mattress be reused?

  • Sleeping: Mattresses are generally used by the Japanese people but without futon frame. There are many, who tend to claim that having the mattress kept on the floor can help retain its original shape. At the same time, it also helps to increase the comfort of the user and supports the back and the body structure perfectly, thus offering greater relaxation and comfort. In case, a frame is not present, then the mattress can be used on the floor and converted into a bed. It can also be used as guest bed or for someone else who can put it to good use. The child can also be given to sleep on it during the odd hours of the day to help him/her to relax.
  • Play area: The other wonderful way to make good use of the old mattress is to have them kept in the play area, where your children can use them. Being constructed from foam or cotton and having a flat surface, your children can play on them and enjoy thoroughly, without actually getting hurt. It can be prove to be quite sturdy for your little one to walk or crawl. Unlike the bed that is constructed from innersprings, the futon can be found to be flat in shape. Hence, it is less likely to be bouncy, thus making it much easier for children to enjoy using it to play their favorite games.
  • Outdoor rest area: The old futon can be used outdoors, if it is found not to have much importance indoors. It can prove to be a wonderful item to relax outside in the evenings or the mornings, out in the open clear sky and discussing family matters, common chit chats or just taking a small nap. It can also be used for the picnic. This mattress can indeed be enjoyed by every member of the family as it will not allow anyone to feel the sharp grass blades or the ground’s hard and rough surface.
  • Floor couch: The futon mattress can be reused by placing it against the wall or on the floor like a floor couch. Big comfy pillows can be used for leaning against the wall. It can also be a great place to relax or read some interesting books or novels.
  • Catch-all for play area: In case, there exists a climbing set, jungle gym or anything for the children, then the futon can be placed underneath it. This can help to cushion the child’s potential fall when running around or playing, which is quite commonly noticed. The futon automatically increases the safety aspect in the play area, thus protecting your little one from getting injured when playing. They also can relax on it, if they get tired and need some relaxation and energy.

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What to do with old futon mattresses?


Call the company

If you want to dispose of a futon it is best to call its production company. The reason for this is that they usually give deals or promos and by using them you can get a discount on your new futon or they will offer to replace or repair it. That’s why the first step should always be calling the company. That way you can get a new futon with a discount. Hence if you want to replace your futon always call or contact the company first. You can also ask for the futon’s guarantee card or slip when you first purchase it.

How to perform step 1?

Call the company you are purchasing your new futon mattress from. This helpful because sometimes companies also take care of discarded mattresses. If you are buying from the same company you bought your previous mattress then this step will be easier as they will give you discount options as well. If it is not the same company then tell the retailer before purchasing your new futon. Most importantly inform the company before the retailer so that they can make preparations for the mattress that needs to be disposed of.

Advantages of step 1

Properly disposing of a mattress is very important because improperly disposed of a futon can be very dangerous for your health and the environment. We included step 1 in our list because it can be very useful economically as well. As we mentioned above some futon mattress companies give discounts and deals for old mattresses because it shows them that you are a loyal customer. Not only do they give you discounts but they also dispose of your mattress properly for you. These are the two main advantages of step 1 calling the company. We also highly recommend this step because it is both easy and effective.

Disadvantages of step 1 

Even though most companies do offer promos and deals for your old mattress some of the companies don’t. This disadvantage makes the next steps easier. The next disadvantage of this step is that most of the companies take properly disposing of mattresses very seriously but on the other hand some companies don’t take this matter seriously and that can be a problem as disposing of a futon mattress properly is very important because if it is disposed of properly it may get burned which can be a health hazard. 

Donating the mattress

This is also a very easy yet rewarding mattress. By following this method you will be doing a good deed as well as getting rid of your old mattress. As discussed disposing of a futon mattress is very important hence this stem is a good way to dispose of your old mattress. Now many charity companies appreciate anything you give them and they will certainly appreciate a futon mattress. Make sure that your futon is not ripped or stained. But in any case, if the futon is stained you can easily remove it by using a vacuum cleaner and baking powder.

How to perform step 2?

There are two ways to perform this step either you call women’s shelters, halfway houses and etc, or other charitable shelters such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. Most of the charitable organizations will be more than happy to pick the futon mattress. Either you do this or you put up an ad online on platforms like Craigslist or Freecycle. Post some pictures of the futon and write free for pickup. Even if the mattress is unusable or is ripped or stained people will take it. Hence this method is a good option to dispose of your mattress.

Advantages of method 2

Like the first method, it results in you properly disposing of your futon mattress. Not only this but this method makes sure that your futon is put to good use and it is helping someone. The second advantage is that the method makes sure that you are helping people by doing a simple task which is a huge advantage it also requires very little effort you just have to wait for someone to pick it up and that’s it. These are the two major advantages of this method.

Disadvantages of method 2

There are not many disadvantages of this method. The only problem with this method is that you will have to wait for a while before someone picks up your futon. This can be a little inconvenient because it will take up space and if you don’t have enough space in your house then it can be very inconvenient and annoying. But that is the only disadvantage of this method. Hence we highly recommend that you use this method because a little bit of inconvenience is better than harming the environment. If you use this method make sure that the person is either going to dispose it of properly or put good use to it.

Calling a recycling center

If both of the above-mentioned methods don’t work calling the municipal of waste management or a recycling center. This method requires a bit of effort but the waste management department will make sure that your futon is properly disposed of which is very important. Moreover, this method will also help the environment if you call the recycling center they will put your mattress to good use in return helping the environment and disposing of your mattress properly. Hence if you don’t want to use the first method this method is a good option.

How to use method 3

Using method 3 is a simple process all you have to do call your local waste management department. They will set up a time with you and they will pick up your futon mattress according to the time. For this method, we highly recommend that you call a recycling department they will make sure that your mattress is disposed of properly or they will donate it if the mattress cannot be used. On the other hand, if you can’t find a good recycling center then call the waste management department. 

Advantages of method 3

Even though the method requires a bit of effort it makes sure that your mattress is disposed of properly. As mentioned above we highly recommend that you give your mattress to a recycling department they will make sure that your mattress is either disposed of or recycled. Another advantage of this method is that like method 2 you will help the environment by not only disposing of your futon but also recycling it. Thus this method is effective and easy and should be considered if you want to dispose of your mattress and help the environment.

Disadvantages of method 3

Method three is a very useful and effective method but it can be very difficult to find a good recycling center that ensures properly using or disposing of your futon mattress which can be a problem this is one of the disadvantages of this method and if you contact the waste management department they might come late which can be a little inconvenient because like the 2 method you will have to keep the futon in your house for a while. But considering all factors this is a good and effective method.

Dispose of your mattress yourself

The fourth and the last method is disposing of your mattress by yourself. This method like method 3 requires effort but also has promising results. Using method 4 you will make sure that your futon mattress is disposed of properly. If you use this method you might have to drop the futon mattress yourself at the county dump which might be a little inconvenient but this method ensures proper disposal of your futon mattress which is absolutely necessary. Hence if you want to make sure that your mattress is properly disposed then this method should definitely be considered.

How to use method 4

There are two ways to use method 4. The first method is that you call the solid waste department and wait for their scheduled large solid waste pickup. This method is useful but you might have to wait a bit for the scheduled pickup. If you wait for the pickup like the third and the second method you will have to keep your mattress in your house for some time. To avoid this you should plan ahead and dispose of your mattress and buy a new one on the same day. The second method is that you will have to dispose of your futon at the county dump yourself.

Advantages of method 4

The advantages of method 4 are that this method ensures proper disposal of your futon mattress and by using this method you will not have to wait and trust someone else. In addition to this, by using this method you can also help protect and preserve the method which is a huge advantage. Make sure that the dump you dispose of your mattress to does not burn garbage because burning a futon can be very dangerous. Hence this method is good for making sure that your mattress is disposed of properly.

Disadvantages of method 4

One of the major disadvantages of this method is that some garbage dumps do burn garbage which can be very dangerous and harmful to the environment. Moreover disposing of the futon by yourself at the county dump can be extra work if you have a busy schedule. If you are busy it can be very tiring.


In this article, we have discussed some of the most effective and useful methods of disposing of your mattress. We know that disposing of a mattress can be hard when you don’t know what to do with it, hence we have done the research for you so if you ever want to dispose of your mattress use one of our methods so that you can get rid of the mattress and help save the environment at the same time.