How to wash the futon mattress the right way?

There is a desire for every home owner to have the very best items at the home to enhance its beauty and be appreciated by everyone around. Most of items purchased like the futon mattresses can be a bit on the expensive side and something that needs proper care and maintenance. It is necessary to clean the futon mattress from time to time, so as to keep it new, fresh and usable for a long time. For some, cleaning may mean having to spend a good amount of time and effort, which can also be painstakingly difficult. The truth is that with some research, knowledge and understanding, it becomes possible to complete the task effortlessly and in an inexpensive manner.

There are few people, who may spend a good amount of money on those cleaning and bleach products. What they fail to understand is that most of the products readily sold in the market for cleaning purpose are made from harsh cleaning ingredients. They may only end up damaging the expensive futon mattress. This is where checking out futon mattress reviews put up by other users can help you to know what is good for your mattress and what is better avoided. This way, your mattress can be kept fresh and new for a long time.

Some effective and efficient methods to try out

The futon mattress can be cleaned the right way through few effective methods. Some easy ones are given below:

  • The first method involves using of hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds caused on the mattress. This helps to unseat the dirt and dust, thus disinfecting the skin. Also, the mattress can be disinfected by using this method. You need to take hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon and mix in cup of water. The sponge is to be dipped in the mixture and the mattress given sponge bath. If some areas are found to be stained, then some table salt and peroxide drops is to be sprinkled in the affected region. This can help remove the grime and dirt from the mattress and ultimately wiped off. Once done clean water is to be used for sponge bathing the mattress and all salt residues to be vacuum extracted. It is better left in an airy room for drying purpose.
  • The second method involves using vinegar, if molds are noticed in the mattress. It removes effectively the molds and the stains left behind. You require four cups of water and have it mixed with white vinegar, just a cup. The mixture is then to be sprayed on the different sides of the futon mattress or only on the affected part. It is to be left to be dried for about an hour and you can view the mildew and mold getting dissolved. Then using clean water, the mattress is to be sprayed after an hour and to extract moisture, a dry sponge is to be used. The mattress is to be placed under sunlight so that it can dry out completely. You need to remember that moist mattress attracts molds quickly.
  • The third method can be followed, if the futon mattress appears to be smelly. In such a case, you need to have dry baking soda sprinkled on both the sides and allowed to settle down for about an hour. The odor is likely to be neutralized. This method can be used if the previous method’s vinegar smell is not preferred. Later, for eliminating the baking soda, a vacuum cleaner is to be used and the mattress left on a sunny area to dry up fully. The smell will simply vanish away.

You can find out more safe and easy methods to clean your mattress simply by checking out the futon mattress reviews. The best place to do so is Amazon.