How the mattress can be kept from sliding down!

There are some common situations which are faced by futon mattress owners. You may always be noticed pulling up your futon mattress every now and then, to ensure that it sits straight up on the frame. Each time the mattress is flipped and turned, you find that it always jumps right off its futon frame. The mattress may simply slide forwards from the frame, until it gets halfway the floor. It could be that you are watching your favorite channel sitting on the mattress, before you come to know that it is to the futon frame that you have almost slid down to, without your knowing it. This may have taken place several times.  Going through the futon mattress reviews put up by the other futon mattress and futon frame users can help you to know more about the same and the best possible solutions.

How to ensure that the mattress does not slip off the futon frame?

This is a question that is commonly asked by owners of futon frame and mattresses. There are cited few reasons for such things to take place. The different futon mattress reviews offered by the present users can help you to what exactly can be done to prevent recurrence of such unwanted things or to reduce its frequency. Only then can you enjoy sitting or sleeping on the mattress and derive pleasure out of it as committed by its manufacturers.

It may be that you had just now purchased a new mattress. They can probably be stiff, until they break or require to flip and turn over the mattress. When you perform such activities, the mattress is known to have a tendency to pop off from the futon frame. The other reason cited can be that the futon mattress cover has a soft cloth material including the futon frame can prove to be a wonderful slippery combination. Children may love the slipping nature of the futon mattress, since they will refer it to as an exciting ‘joy ride’.

How to stop the mattress from sliding down?

Several products are readily available in the market using which it becomes easier to combat such problems. With some research, understanding and proper implementation, it becomes much easier to find the right solution.

  • Gripper strip is one such product that can be used. The strip’s bottom side is said to come with an adhesive which can be stuck to the futon frame seat’s frontal part along with the back deck’s top edge. The strip’s top portion is created using foam material. Once it contact the mattress cover, a resistance is created successfully. This perhaps can help to hold the mattress in its own place and stop it from sliding.
  • The other product that can be used to serve the purpose is the rug pad. These can be easily found at the local furniture store, futon store, departmental store and even online. The rug pad is to be simply laid upon the frame seat, after which the mattress is to be set upon the rug stopper item’s top. This does stop the mattress from sliding down.
  • Futon mattress strap is the last item that is found to be handy. This strap will not require the mattress to be pulled up off the floor at any point of time. This strap is created from 1” rugged wide nylon webbing, besides durable plastic buckles. The strap can be installed across the mattress in just ten minutes to get the entire mattress fully secured. The strap tucks very neatly on the mattress crease and also is invisible.

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