Know About Futon Mattress

What is it made of?

There are several things that are to be taken into consideration, if the desire is to purchase the best futon mattress. It is important to know what kind of material has been used for creating the mattress, its longevity, flexibility and size. The material does affect the mattress durability and softness.

Only Cotton

There are available Futon mattresses which are created only by using cotton fill. No foam is used and it is quite dense. Such types of mattresses are regarded to be extremely firm and resemble closely to the Japanese type, which is laid down on the ground by the Japanese people. Manufacturers in huge numbers are creating foam and cotton bend instead of cotton only, as people find these mattresses to be quite firm to sleep. Besides this, cotton futons des require proper maintenance like having the futons to rotate.

Foam and cotton

This blend is considered to be quite popular among buyers. The futon mattress is made firm with cotton, while foams offers it the much required comfort and softness aspect. The more foam layers, the much softer the mattress becomes. There is a need to know the foam layers used, to understand the softness degree of the mattress.

Futons that are wool filled

These are quite rare, but do bring something exciting and different to the mattress. Wool is quite soft and you are sure to find yourself much warmer than those cotton based futon mattresses. Heat is retained better in wool. Hence, purchasing them can be a wise idea in cold regions.

Polyester and foam

Such blended types tend to last much longer when compared to other futon mattresses. Polyester here is utilized as top layer on foam top for making the mattress medium firm, which again depends upon the thickness of the polyester layer. As cotton is not used, mattress is found to be much software for anyone to sit on it. You will only have the feeling of the foam layers. Also, it becomes much lighter, as dense cotton is known to weigh down the mattress.

Innerspring coil

Those futons having innerspring coil in them are known to resemble closely to that of the regular bed mattresses that comes with springs fitted in them. Such mattresses are termed to be just fabulous for futons and you can sleep on them comfortably and get completely relaxed. The mattress is allowed by the coil present to have additional cushion and spring, when compared to the dense cotton mattresses. Moreover, you can sleep easily on this mattress, since your body pressure points are absorbed by the mattress effectively. Generally, it is with high density foam that innersprings get wrapped to offer that extra comfort to its users.


It is a foam type which is considered to be three times denser when compared to regular foam available in the market. This type of foam is used by few manufacturers, due to its softness and its capability to provide the body with better support. It is rather stated to be thermal foam which is likely to adjust to the user’s body temperature. Besides this, Visco’s elasticity does allow the foam to adjust itself better to the weight of the user. When creating this mattress, a foam layer is added right under the surface to ensure that anyone who is sleeping or sitting on it can enjoy better user experience and benefit from using it.

To get maximum comfort, it is important for you to select the right kind and the best futon mattress. The best place to do the research and shopping is Amazon.