Measuring Futon Mattresses

Majority of the futon standard covers available in the market are said to be found with standard 6” depth. They can fit easily 6” – 8” thick futon mattresses effortlessly. It is possible to have an 8” futon to be fitted with 6” deep cover and it is sure to have a nice and comfy fit. In case, the best futon mattress is found to be thinner or thicker, then there may be required to have the cover custom ordered, so as to ensure that perfect fit. Doing some research can help you to determine and know which futon cover is to be ordered.

Ordering Futon covers

Generally, Futon covers are ordered with depth of about 2” or less than that of the mattress thickness. The reason is because, with the futon cushion being flat, the cover is likely to be found at its tightest. This is likely to be, unless eh pad is used just for the bed and does not fold similar t that in any futon frame. In case, the cover is used for only bed, then it is to be ordered of the same thickness, similar to that of the mattress. In case, the cover is to be used for the folding futon sofa to make a bed, when folded into sofa position, then a slack is created in the cover by the bend. Hence, the covers to be ordered needs to be a bit tight, so that they can fit in perfectly and also give that perfect look when futon is used in sofa position.

Know some exceptions

Few exceptions does exist to the above rule and those are considered to be some super soft, innerspring or probably super firm futons. It will be useful to take the help of someone who is a futon expert and can provide the right opinion and advice. There are available covers which can be custom fit easily to any futon mattress, irrespective of its exact size and thickness.

Measure the futon mattress

In case, the mattresses is squared upon its edges, similar to that of the conventional mattress, then simply measure its depth, width and length. Again, if the mattress is found to be more rounded on its edges, then it will become somewhat tough to measure, since an imaginary line is to be used to know where is located the thickest part in the mattress. Hence, the thickness, width and length is to be measured along with the bulged or rounded on edges part. The top seams are not to be measured. It is necessary to know that the best futon mattress is actually not any solid block of wood. Even if the cover is seen to be off by almost an inch, it will still appear fine and fit. But if you are quite specific about the cover’s fit, then there is a need to seek guidance from the expert and discus with them the possibilities. Going through reviews on the reputed ecommerce shopping sites like Amazon also is likely to be of great help.

Know the standard futon sizes

Thickness varies by quality. The standard sizes are as follows:

  • Twin Size – 39” x 75”
  • Full Size – 54″ X 75″
  • Queen Size – 60″ X 80″
  • Standard Chair – 28″ X 54″
  • Standard Ottoman – 28″ X 21″
  • Twin Chair – 39″ X 54″
  • Twin Chair Ottoman – 39″ X 21″
  • Full Loveseat – 54″ X 54″
  • Full Loveseat Ottoman – 54″ X 21″, etc.

You can browse through the different categories and choose the one that best fits your needs.