Rotate the futon mattress

The futon mattress and futon is regarded to be something that can be commonly found in houses across the globe. There are many who are said to use futon as both couch and bed.

Some futons are considered to be premier furniture used in people’s homes, more specially, among those owning small apartments or homes. Such homes are said to make use of futons every now and then. An important aspect that people generally tend to forget is to have their mattress rotated from time to time. Having it rotated can help the mattress to appear new, fresh and to last much longer.

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Why rotate the mattress?

The futon based mattresses are to be rotated constantly. This does provide the material present within a better chance to settle properly. As you sleep or sit on specific areas, like using a pillow, over time, the material in those regions, will become thinner. It is to the other futon parts that it would get pushed and this way, futon is likely to become lumpy and not even as desired to be. Having it frequently rotated can also allow it to even out, since pressure is placed on its other areas.

What is the correct way to rotate the futon mattress?

It is depending upon the futon type of mattress that is present that frequency of the rotation of the mattress is to be carried out. According to the experts, the cotton futon mattress is to be rotated once a month, if it is used frequently. Futons constructed with innersprings are not required to be rotated much. Just like the bed, they have to be rotated just every six months. And those futons which are created from foam and polyester blends are to be rotated every three months to keep them fresh and usable.

The mattress is to be rotated in consistent direction. It is also to be determined, where the mattress is to be used the most. In case, the plan is to use it mainly for sitting purpose, then the mattress is to be rotated 180 degrees. But, if you desire to sleep on the mattress, then it will be wise to have it flipped over when rotating. Then, it is to be rotated 180 degrees each time, when it is rotated. The system is to be kept proper track of or similar system used during rotation.

Make a regular schedule for rotation purpose

There is a genuine need to maintain a regular system and schedule to rotate the futon cotton filed mattress. For the few, they are to alternate between rotating 180 degrees as well as having it flipped over. For others, rotation is to be carried out twice before it is flipped over. Either way, it needs to be kept consistent, so that the mattress gets evened out as desired.

If the futon is to be used for sleeping purposes, then it will be wise to sleep on the mattress left or right side. It can help to make it much more evened as it is rotated. Every time the mattress gets rotated, a fresh side can be had to have slept. This will gradually even out, until there emerges a need to have it flipped.

A good quality mattress is likely to stay firm for quite some time. There are some brands, which can last for over ten years. The rotation period is to be maintained carefully and this can help the mattresses to stay as good as new, be comfortable, and smooth to be used. The best place to shop for a futon and good quality mattresses is Amazon, where you can find them at the sale and available at discounted prices.

Why should I rotate my mattress?

This is a common question every futon user is curious about. The simple answer to the question is that it is necessary to rotate your mattress because if you sleep in the same sport for months compression can occur in your matter? Now, you may wonder what is compression? 

Compression is caused by heat and weight. Sleeping in the same position every night can cause the material of the futon to settle due to your weight. Your weight creates uneven depressions on the surface of the mattress. Heat also creates depressions in foam mattresses.

 This happens because usually polyurethane foam, gel foam, and memory foams contain open-cell (holes). The heat from your body breaks down the structure of foam mattresses. To prevent creating uneven depressions and compression in your mattress it is recommended that you rotate your mattress once in a while.

Flipping the mattress regularly keeps your futon mattress in shape and increases its life and durability.

How often should I rotate my mattress?

The answer to this question depends on the type of mattress that you use, its size, and its width.  If you don’t know the above-mentioned specifications of your mattress it is recommended that you flip your mattress once every three months. If you do know the mentioned specifications it is best that you follow them.

Rotating after three months is important but you can also rotate your mattress more frequently if you feel like it is not offering the comfort that it should or the support that you need. The more frequently you rotate your mattress the more even it will be.

Should I flip my mattress or should I rotate it?

No matter what type of mattress you use you should always rotate the mattress from end-to-end. This is because rotating mattress from end-to-end is more effective, that way all sides of the mattresses are equal. Another reason for this is because not all mattresses are double-sided. Most mattresses are only one-sided meaning you can only use one side of the mattress. 

If your mattress is double-sided then you can easily rotate your mattress from side-to-side. You can also rotate your mattress from end-to-end if you want. Hence if you have a doubled slides mattress you can rotate it both ways from end-to-end and side-to-side but if you have a single-sided mattress you can only rotate it from end-to-end.

How should I rotate my mattress?

Rotating a mattress is a simple, easy, straightforward yet effective method. You can easily rotate your mattress on your own but it is easier if you have some help. Following are the steps on how to rotate your mattress from end-to-end.

Step 1:

Remove the sheets, pillow covers, blanket, cushions, and other furniture close to your bed. 

Step 2:

Some mattresses have turning handles. You can use them if you want but if your mattress does not have turning handles you can move on to step 3.

Step 3:

Rotate your mattress at 180 degrees in such a way that the head side is in the foot side position after the rotation.

How to flip your mattress?

As we mentioned before, flipping a mattress is essential. If it is flipped regularly it offers more comfortability. Flipping a mattress on your own can be a little hard especially if your mattress is heavy for this reason, it is best that you have someone with you. This method is only applicable if you have a double-sided mattress. To flip your mattress follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1:

Remove the duvet, the pillows, the bedsheets, and any furniture close to your bed.

Step 2:

Many mattresses have turning handles but some of them don’t if your mattress has turning handles you can use them, but if your mattress does not have them you can move to step 3.

Step 3:

Rotate your mattress at 180 degrees in such a way that the head side is in the foot side position after the rotation.

Step 4:

Lift your mattress from one side, this is will take some effort hence make sure that you have some help. After lifting the mattress from one side place your mattress down from the other side. After following this step you will have flipped your mattress.

What about older mattresses?

If you have an older mattress and you didn’t know that flipping and rotating a mattress can help preserve it or you already feel that your mattress has depressions and is uneven you should not worry. 

Sometimes leaving your mattress in the sun for several hours can help the mattress revive and if that works start rotating and flipping your mattress. This is important even if the sun does not work regularly rotate or flip your mattress it is likely that your mattress is only damaged at a certain place and it is perfectly fine in the rest of the places.

What about non-flip mattresses?

Many mattresses and futon are designed in such a way that they cannot be flipped or they are one-sided. If you have a one-sided mattress you should still rotate it. This gives the side of the mattress relief and allows it to come back to its original position.

 If you regularly rotate your mattress you should be fine and your mattress will be much more supportive and comfortable. 

Moreover rotating a mattress also increases its durability and makes it much more long-lasting. Hence if you have a single-sided mattress rotating it will help you have a much more pleasant experience.

Do I need to turn the mattress if it is used occasionally?

If the mattress is used occasionally or is used by guests you do not have to rotate and flip the mattress. The reason for this is because as we discussed we only rotate mattresses if you sleep in the same position every day because your weight can cause the mattress to deflate and have compression. 

If your guests are here to stay or they will use the mattress for a while then it is best that you either tell them to rotate the mattress or do it yourself. Hence if the mattress is not used frequently you do not have to rotate or flip it.

What if one person is heavier?

If your partners and your height and weight vary significantly it is best that you rotate the mattress more frequently because the uneven distribution of the mattress can cause its surface to create compressions. On the other hand, if you rotate your mattress frequently there will be an even distribution of weight and heat all over the mattress this is will give the mattress rest. 

Rotating the mattress will also result in a more comfortable and rested sleep, hence you should rotate your mattress more frequently if you have a partner that is heavier than you.

Should I flip my mattress if only I use it?

Even if your the only one who uses the mattress, rotating and flipping the mattress is necessary as it will evenly distribute the fillings on every side. It is best that you do flip and rotate your mattress after every three months. 

Rotating the mattress will allow you to sleep more peacefully during the night. Hence even if you only use the mattress it is best that you flip and rotate it after three months.

Should I rotate a  memory foam mattress?

You should not rotate your memory foam mattress because most memory foams are only present at one side of the mattress there not present at the underside. If you do flip the memory foam you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of the memory foam. so it is best that you do not flip or rotate your memory foam mattress.


In this article, we talked about whether or not you should rotate or flip your mattress. This is a common concern for almost every futon mattress user. To solve this problem we did the research for you. Hence whenever you have a problem with your mattress you can just use one of our methods.